• vipprimo

    Platinum Dealers?

    What does it mean when you're looking on the dealer map and the dealer is Platinum.  What's the difference?   I have a Platinum dealer a little farther from me, but if it's worth it I'll drive a little extra.  

    • Dave R.

      A platinum dealer has access to USA and Original Series models in addition to all other products offered by ESP. They also typically have a better inventory of all products.

    • Tondog

      Platinum is the color of the dildo they shove in your ass when they tell you the numbers of low end LTD's they want you to carry in your mom and pop guitar shop in a tight economy. Mind you that number has gone up by a power of 10 from last year to still keep getting ZERO service from your outside rep, and ZERO response from customer service when you get shipped a turd. THEN!!!!....if you're REALLY lucky!!!!.....they won't allow the large online retailers to drop their advertised pricing to below your cost when they pull marketing stunts like an "LTD Elite" line that totally cannibalizes the marketing message.

      • vipprimo

        If it makes you feel better, I went to the Platinum dealer who, first wouldn't shake my hand, wouldn't let me play the two high priced LTDs he had and told me that he could sell me an Epiphone with the same options.  So I told him I was considering a custom set-up which he stated the ESP doesn't do that.  I grabbed the catalogue and flipped to the Custom area and he said, "oh that, I'll have to call on that."  It was a pretty eye opening experience.