• Leo Vannucci


    Are these replacing the current ESP Standards? I bought my ESP Standard Horizon FR-7 a couple months ago and it has the new slanted ESP logo (similar to the LTD Elite logo). Is that no more?? Why would ESP put out a new logo for just a year and the re-brand the whole series? 

    I thought E-II was like the replacement for the LTD Elite line-up, but the ESP Standard was staying. I like the ESP "Original" line-up too, but they should be merged with the current ESP Standards, I woudln't feel comfortable if say I got my guitar stolen at the end of this 2014, and when I go buy the same model, it says E-II instead of ESP on the headstock. Even if they're made in Japan or whatever, even if they are the exact same thing, why does it say "E-II"? sounds like a sub-brand anyway, just as "Epiphone by Gibson".

    • guitargirlemg81

      Kids should read more.

    • metalhobo

      I remember hearing that the company is removing the ESP Standard line because they want the ESP brand to only be associated with premium instruments.

    • Davis H.

      The main reason for this change is to devide the Standard Series line and the Original/Custom Shop line from each other more clearly.
      As you may not know, the Original Series actually existed longer than the Standard Series, however not until 2014 did they become available in the US

      The Original Series are all made in the ESP Custom Shops in Japan
      so basically, ESP Original=ESP Custom Shop

      The ESP Standard Series are not made in the Custom Shop
      and does not use woods that are as good as the Custom Shop ones
      and of course, they are less expensive than the Custom Shop ones

      So this became the problem with people who don't really know about ESP
      "Why does some ESP cost $1500 and some cost $4000 or more?"

      So now, ESP changed the usuall ESP Standard Series" into "E-II"
      only those made in the Custom Shop ones are branded ESP

    • Jeff H.

      Again? I, among others, laid this out for you completely in your other thread under the E-II forum. And Davis H has summed it up once again. You will not find a different answer.

    • Ryan H.

      We all want the esp logo, but when it comes down to it... a great guitar is a great guitar. Esp will not put out a product that isnt top quality. EII probably isnt the best name to pick but at least we our priviledged to play esp instruments. LTD's are beastly guitars so i can only imagine how well the EII series will play. 

      • NIN

        If you have a ESP standard, thats how a EII will play

        • Ryan H.

          Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to purchase a esp or play a esp for a extended amount of time but I know the quality of ltd's. It's just a name on the headstock. Doesn't mean it will be subpar of a standard

          • Davis H.

            Basically it all comes down to the money
            How much do you have? And how much are you willing to spend?

            I personally owned an Original ESP, Standard ESP, and an LTD
            they're all great guitars "for the price"

            LTDs are great guitars for the price, but I wanted more
            so I'm willing to spend more money on an ESP Standard(which of course is called E-II now)

            And then I got my Original ESP M-SEVEN(a 7-string model available in Japan only)
            which is far superior to my Standard one(and also much more expensive)

            I can definitely tell the differences in the quality and sound between them,
            however to I feel that the Standard quality is already good enough for me

            Therfore if you ask me if I would get another Original one?
            Maybe not.
            but some people might do

            Anyway, regardless whether or not you guys would spent that much on a guitar
            I do strongly suggest at least go and try one out
            Experience the quality of the True ESP Japan Custom Shop, you won't be dissapointed :)