• Pushead

      Guitar appears to be legit. The description mentions it's had a neck break, which explains both the matte finish on the neck and headstock as well as the goofy looking truss rod cover.

      As I've said before, no one fakes that much abalone purfling.

      That price is way high to me for a guitar with a neck break, even if purple EC-1000s are rare.

    • Chunkfunk

      Mint, thanks Pushead, thanks for the feedback. Been a long time follower of your personal ESP collection for years. Cheers

    • Pushead

      No problem, man. I know that's a fairly low price, all things considered, and guitars with professionally repaired headstocks are quite solid, but I'd keep looking.  I know saving another $100-200 is sometimes asking a lot, but I think you could find a great guitar without the issues.

      And abalone aside, I loved that purple on the EC-1000.

    • Live W.

      Hello, could you help me doing a legit check on this one please? 

      Not even sure about the exact model (ESP horizon FR II?).

      It seems the pick ups are not original ones (SH4 zebra?).

      The serial number have some "aleatory" space between each number, don't know if that's normal?

      The main question is, is it authentic?

      Thanks in advance!




    • Pushead

      It's a legit Horizon NT-II from 2006. The bridge pickup is definitely not stock, but is a Seymour Duncan of some type, so nothing too out of place there.

      The tuners are Sperzels, but for some reason the previous owner removed the locking mechanism. I'm not sure if in 2006 the Sperzels were stock or not.

    • Live W.

      Thanks Pushead! Very appreciated!

      I had noticed the missing locking mechanisms. 

      There is a little oxydation and the bridge is very used, but the overall condition is good. I was hesitant to buy and just a bit suspicious.

      Thanks again!

    • TonyNYC

      Hello folks!  Looking to buy this guitar from a friend who claims that it is a long lost '70s relic from the 48th Street Custom Shop.  Is there any way to confirm this?   The cool and weird axe has no markings whasoever.  Pickups are supposedly Duncans, and bridge/tuners are Steinberger.

      Thanks for checking it out!  Either way, it is an interesting guitar and I may have to buy it no matter what. 

    • Pushead

      There's nothing here that says it's an ESP of any sort. I doubt ESP was making no-headstock guitars in the 48th street facility. To the best of my knowledge, they were only making bolt-on style guitars there.

    • TonyNYC

      Thanks, appreciate you taking a look.  I asked him to also pop off the back plate and have a look inside to see if there were any indicators in there.  No word on that yet, but if by chance I do find something, will post it.  It is a really strange guitar with a custom case and travel bag, so someone went through some trouble building it.  Only 15 frets too and 21" scale. 

    • JiminyCricket

      So there are fake ESP guitars that come with genuine EMG pickup sets...just curious about the prices...

    • Pushead

      You're probably better off asking that question on the fake ESP forums, but I'd bet against it.

      I'd suggest spending your money on a real LTD instead of a fake ESP. I suspect you'll be happier in the long run.

    • Jones

      Hey so bought this bass ltd b-50 I think I know the answer but would like to clarify if it is fake or not. It seems to be missing stamp on back of head stock, serial number starts with IR, dots inlays seems too big and no active tone boost. 

    • Pushead

      We'll need pics to give you a better idea.  But really, there isn't any money to be made in faking a guitar with an $289 retail price. It's probably fine.

    • Jones

      I uploaded images hit insert image and nothing happens can you tell from the serial number. I originally thought the same as you its too cheap for them to forge I am confused cuz some people say they are only offered in black this one is red and had  no spot for battery in it. Did they offer any models with out battery pack

    • Pushead

      Go to the support tab at the top of the page and select product archives. The first two numbers after the serial number should be the year the bass was made. See if something in that catalog shows what you're looking for.