• akhawkeye

    Xtone Bridge puling up

    Hey all - I have an LTD Xtone AC20. It is a beautiful sounding acoustic, but recently I have had trouble with it staying at pitch. Got to looking at it and discovered the bridge pulling up and buckling the top behind it. I loosened all the strings and within two days it had returned to a semblance of normalcy. Granted, I live in a very dry climate, but have kept it humidified. Anyone else experiencing this with the Xtone line? On a side note - the store I bought it from had two AC20's in stock, and I noticed that this one had different interior bracing than the other one. This one sounded much brighter and had more resonance. Any ideas?

    • Pushead

      You're better off asking this question via the "Support > Contact Support" pull down at the top of the page.  ESP monitors the forums, but doesn't actually do anything useful with them.

      • akhawkeye

        Thank you. I've already contacted ESP and have sent it back. They are no longer making this model, so they're either going to fix it or give me credit. I was just wondering if anyone out there has had similar problems with the xTone acoustics.

    • akhawkeye

      I just heard back from ESP - They are going to replace it. Even though it's not being made anymore, they managed to dig up another one somewhere.