• John J.

    Vintage ESP M/KH Custom info ?

    I just got this guitar . It says ESP Custom in the headstock.

    "ESP Custom Guitars" on the back.

    Reverse headstock

    M shaped body with a bolt on neck.

    Skull inlays a la KH models.

    ESP passive pickups

    ESP floyd rose trem


    Any clue about exact model, year .... ?

    • Travis L.

      Give me the serial numbers brotha! Should be one on the back of the headstock and on the plate where it bolts on! 

      • John J.

        Hi Travis ! thanks, unfortunately there is no serial number, it looks like it didnt have one or it was peeled off (theres a mark like if there was a sticker once) . The plate was the only thing replaced and does not have the original one.


        By the way I forgot to say the pickups are not the classic open coils. They have a plastic cover like EMG but with the ESP name on em.

    • Pushead

      Except for the passive pickups it sounds like an early 90's ESP M-II Deluxe.  It's essentially a KH-2 before they made it a model.  I have one, too.


      • John J.

        Yes i was thinking that but according to the catalog ESP M-II was labeled "ESP Deluxe" on the headstock and mine says "ESP Custom".

        The pickup thing is killing me, never saw them before but look genuine.

        • Pushead

          It is listed as an M-II Deluxe, but it says "Custom" on the headstock.

          From the 1993 catalog:

          • John J.

            Thanks mate i checked that 93 catalog but guessed it was "Deluxe" what was stamped on the headstock ... it is quite difficult to see it .

            Bridge is dfntly a Schaller unlike the one in the catalog ... that and the pickup im thinking maybe the guitar is even older ...

            Did these have serials stamped in the neck joint ?

            • Pushead

              I've never removed the neck to find out.  It has a serial number on the neck plate.  It also has a LFR made by Kahler instead of Schaller.  I suspect that ESP was using whatever parts they could source.  Or perhaps a previous owner swapped the pickups between two ESP guitars.

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    • jed s.

      the custom shop m-ii with the skull n crossbones all said esp custom on headstock. is it the pups that have black covers and have esp in the center on the bottom if so i have seen those before in some of the older models maybe 89ish

    • GuitarsCollector

      Simply an 

      Esp custom M2 with skull & crossbone inlays.

      They made a lot of this model from 1991 to 1993.


    • GuitarHitler G.

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