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    NGD: ESP Snapper Ohmura Custom

    Just got this guitar in yesterday so this isn't a full review, rather my initial impressions of it, and wow what an amazing looking guitar.

    Upon first glance it can look just a dull yellow, but look closer and you can see the beautiful silvery flakes on the finish. Seems very solidly built, and the classic stack pickups sound great. Through my JVM 410C, I can get pretty much any sound out of it apart from maybe modern crushing chugga chuggas, perfect for playing Takayoshi's stuff, or just rock in general.

    The fingerboard is half scalloped, meaning its only about half as deep as a normal scalloped board. This makes it a lot easier to play compared to a full scalloped board, yet has enough scallop in it to make a difference in bends and vibrato. This guitar actually has a huge beefy neck, and combined with the pickups and the vintage trem system, actually makes for a very vintage, old school feeling guitar. All my other guitars have 24 frets and Floyd Rose systems, so this is almost like a breath of fresh air.

    What impresses me the most in this guitar is actually the fretwork. Maybe its the Jescar fretwire, maybe its the illusion from the half scallops I don't know, but the fretwork on this guitar is hands down the best of any guitar I own, and that includes my ESP Custom Shop Alexi. 

    So far great first impressions from this guitar, and seeing as it's an ESP artist series custom model, I expect it to last longer than my time here on earth!

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