• Perpetual Tone

    ESP LTD vs. Gibson LP Sound Across Multiple Amp Set-ups

    I have both the ESP LTD 1000T and Gibson LP Traditional Pro.  No matter what I connect my ESP to including my Marshall, Fender, or Blackstar Amp it always sounds good without having to adjust anything.  That said, every time I plug my Gibson LP into a different AMP it requires some adjustment and tinkering to keep the sound quaility.  Perhaps it's the Seymour Duncan pickups in my ESP?  

    Anyone else experience this ?   

    • Ryan H.

      I experience the same thing with my gibson sg original. I use a engl fireball one hundred/blackstar ht 5 and the gibson always requires adjustment, where as my mh327 sounds great no matter what amp. I blame the paf57 pickups. The pickups sound great once you dial in a tone though. 

    • Perpetual Tone

      That is interesting because my Les Paul is a Traditional Pro II with paf 57s as well- so it could be the pickups - in fact, I've been thinking about replacing them with a pair of Seymoure Duncan Alnico II....thanks for sharing..