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Equipboard disliked the forum post Re: Which of these headphones for monitoring/mixing?

I've always had great experiences with Sennheiser's studio headphones. I still use HD 280's. For monitoring, closed-back headphones are what you should be looking for anyway, so it's not essential to buy one headphone for......MORE »

Equipboard replied to the forum post Which of these headphones for monitoring/mixing?

Old thread, but just to chime in, I haven't tested the ones OP mentioned. However, for monitoring AND mixing I would favor open-back headphones. Since OP has a $200-250 budget, I would go a different direction and recommend......MORE »

Equipboard posted the blog post Learning to Play Guitar: Gear, Practicing, Lessons & More

At Equipboard we get asked this over and over again - what are some tips and tricks to getting up to speed on learning the guitar quickly? Well first, while we can appreciate the want to learn guitar quickly, know that being......MORE »

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