mesa 4x12 speaker cabinet v30's
Writing, Editing, and reading
read comics and serial
true detective and historical movies
rock, 80's hair metal, 1990s, and rnb
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Amps and Pedals
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
line6 pod hd400 and snakebyte
About me:

I am a teacher of literature in high school. It is very interesting and incredibly responsible. The teacher helps the process of intellectual and emotional development of a person. So, that's why I am very responsible person. Communication with students is part of my profession and I can't imagine my life without them.

I'm interested in modern literature and history. Graduated of the Faculty of Philology. 

I also work as an author in the written service for students. I understand how hard it is for students and how many homeworks they need to perform every day. I am glad to help students and share my experience with them. If you are still looking for where to buy an essay online, I know how to help you! 

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Just be yourself and nothing else matter. I like to write personal narrative essay and nothing can't stop me from writing and improving my skills. Music is great!......MORE »
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I first picked up the guitar when I was about seven years old in 1976, and I remember when I had just a few years of playing experience under my belt, people were already saying to me, "You shouldn't try and play like other......MORE »
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Hello everyone, I want to learn how to play the guitar and plan to buy it, how do you think which model to start with? Thanks for your advice)......MORE »
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nice clip......MORE »
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