esp e-ii eclipse-7 blks, esp e-ii horizon nt-7b, esp e-ii m-i thru nt, esp e-ii te-7 blk, esp sc-607b, esp sct-607b, esp ps-1, esp viper baritone, esp viper 7, esp viper-1000, esp te-406fm, esp te-406, esp te-407, esp mh-417b fm, esp mh-417, esp h-1007, esp ec-100qm, esp ec-407b fm, and esp ec-407
Guitar, Bass, skateboard, barbering, graphic designing, MTG, KCCO, motorcycles, Writing, engineering and producing music, Clothing design, knives, guns, and game enthusiast
game of thones, always sunny in philadelphia, archer, family guy, the simpsons, futurama, that metal show, that 70s show, the big bang theory, how i met your mother, black sails, outlander, daredevil, batman the animated series, adventures of superman, superman, deadpool, and x-men
avengers age of ultron, daredevil, batman, batman vs superman dawn of justice, batman begins, batman and robin, batman forever, batman returns, superman, superman returns, superman iii, superman ii, green lantern, deadpool, x-men, x-men apocalypse, x-men days of future past, x-men first class, x-men origins wolverine, x-men the last stand, x-men II, the lord of the rings trilogy, the hobbit trilogy, hellboy, star wars, and what now
Death Metal, melodic death metal, doom metal, black metal, hardcore-punk, deathcore, melodic hardcore, progressive death metal, and progressive deathcore
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
mesa boogie 4/12 recifier cab's, peavy 5150, evh 5150iii, protone deadhorse overdrive, abominable pedals, lone wolf audio, kemper profiling amp, kemper power rack, dunlop dc-brick, dunlop strings, dunlop picks, dimarzio straps, seymour duncan pickups, and seymour duncan pedals
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
wes hauch, francesco artusato, keith merrow, jeff loomis, richie faulkner, javier reyes, gary holt, stephen carpenter, tosin abasi, marc okubo, jason richardson, lee mckinney, misha mansoor, jake bowen, mark holcomb, ryan knight, brian eschbach, josh james, Andrew W. K., Andy James, adam nergal darski, joel patuszak, nick lambert, ken susi, buz mcgrath, josh childress, and dimebag darrell
About me:

Music (Guitar/Vocals) Independent Artist
Fitness - Clothing Design - Stylist - Writer - Graphic Design - Skateboarding - Motorcycles - MTG - KCCO - Music Production / Sound Engineering - Gun/Knife collector - Vinyl Record Collector - Game Enthusiast 

Instagram: cordellkeyrosebrock
Twitter: @lonelybastardUT

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