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Born in Scotland and now living in Australia, Cask J. Thomson is growing to be a large figure in the music world through his talents as a guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, performer and mastering engineer.

Cask first showcased his then-solo project Cursed Legacy and maintained a small but dedicated fan base with progressive concept album “Death of a Hero” in 2008. In 2016, Cursed Legacy announced “Lunar Isolation” which would see new permanent members and special guests like Kristian Jackson (saxophone), Alex Smith (Vocals, Moving Pictures) and co-written and produced by Timo Tolvanen.

In 2017 Cask released his debut album “Play it Over and Start Again” which featured predominantly piano-driven ballads. His heart is still set on progressive rock, however, with his opera “The Haunting of Arkaig” being released in 2018.

Working as a session musician for various Australian acts, Cask J. Thomson has found his way up the ladder of the music industry as a graphic designer and digital artist, designing many artworks for bands he has and hasn’t worked with as a musician.Cask J. Thomson currently endorses M-Audio midi controllers, Steve Clayton Guitar accessories and LTD. Guitars in Australia


 WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING:“Cask Thomson provides a unique and awe-inspiring way around the fretboard and his song writing skills are very impressive. Upon listening to histracks you tend to walk away and study the words in your head. It is veryunderstandable that he aims to make you think differently about theworld and its misfortune”


“It's not just a wealth of musical styles or his smooth and expressivevoice that have made Thomson such a fine artist. His songs, whichrange from thoughtful to heavy to poetic, show that he knows exactlywhat he wants to achieve in this world”


"A modern twist on acts like Genesis, Yes, Rick Wakeman and King Crimson" - CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE AUSTRALIA (on Cursed Legacy)

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