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ibanez rg550, Ltd V401, and Jackson Dk2m
music/sports/cars/books/video games and anime
anime, historical movies, and House Md
anything thats interesting
i like any music that sounds good and that is just about all music that has been written or created
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Engl Invader 150, Engl Standard Straight Cab, Engl Z-9 footswitch, Engl SE Preamp, Engl E840/50 Poweramp, Furman Power Conditioner, and Furman Power Conditioner
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
alexi lahio, Per Nilsson, marco sfogli, Guthrie Govan, steve vaï, Jeff Lommis, tosin abasi, fredrik thordendal, ola englund, Wes Hauch, misha mansoor, jake bowen, mark holcomb, and lee mckinney
About me:

im just a guy who enjoys Japanese Scales and J-pop music. im pretty easy to get along with and i have a band called Asylum Of Cerberus.

im a guitar geek and an advivd supporter of Engl amps. i try my best to influence anyone to buy one ASAP. I read alot of manga and i enjoy watching all the oldies like Cowoboy Bebop, Yuyu Hakusho, Rounie Kenshin, ect. if you love Melodic Death Metal Check out my band. 

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AsylumOfCerberus replied to the forum post What would your custom ESP look like?

i'd go with ESP's Aero model and make it a 7 string with an alder or ash body, 5 piece maple/bubinga/maple/bubinga/malpe neckthrough, reversed headstock, BareKnuckle Jugg Bridge and BK VHII neck, ebony fingerboard, 26.5 scale......MORE »

AsylumOfCerberus replied to the forum post Brutal Modern Metal Amp - what's good at bedroom volumes?

for "bedroom volumes" try these 5 amps1) Engl Ironball2) Hughes & Kettner Tube Miester series (  yes the series)3) BlackStar Metal Series4) Mesa Boogie Recto-verb 25w5) EVH 5153 50Wi could go on and on but those are what......MORE »

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