Guitar Lessons from Bill Kelliher (Mastodon)

Guitar Lessons from Bill Kelliher (Mastodon)

Apparently, ESP Signature artist Bill Kelliher isn't busy enough. This August and September, while his band Mastodon is on a huge tour of North America along with Ghost, he also wants to be giving you private guitar lessons. Yes, you. If you're someone who appreciates Bill's playing in Mastodon, or just someone who's stuck in a rut and needs a little push to get better, what better way to do it than a lesson directly from Mr. Butterslax himself?

All you have to do to find out more is to drop this man an email at [email protected] and put "Lessons" in the subject line. You and Bill can work out the details from there.

Obligatory side note: Bill's LTD Signature Series guitars include the Sparrowhawk and the BK-600. Now go get yourself some lessons from Billy K!

Matt K.

Great news. I think taking some lessons from Billy would be a great opportunity. I've been a guitar fan since my school days and my favorite artist is Elvis. I read a lot of information about him, but I think the best source is which contains samples of narrative essays about this truly great musician and person. After all, not many people know that his musical career began with the fact that his parents gave him a guitar instead of a bicycle, which his family could not afford.


Bill has so many cool Sparrowhawks in different colors yet we only get the boring black one. Please do something about that ESP. How about a made in Japan model?

Keith M.

So this is how he appears to my cousin, who advised me to check him out. I did some investigation and ended up here. This is intriguing because, to be honest, I have never met him. I need to find out more about him. thank you for writing this article

Phillip H.

The way Bill Kelliher plays the guitar is unique. This guitar lesson will probably be enriching. Studying technique at the same time as studying music theory is the best approach to evolve on the instrument. For example, it is useless to know how to make bends, vibratos, arpeggios, alternate picking, tapping, and other techniques if the guitar player doesn't know how to place the right note at the right moment, knowing concepts such as target notes, avoided notes, triads, tetrads, modulation, among others.

Music theory is beneficial to both musicians and audiences. By understanding music theory, musicians can create music that is more emotionally powerful and better structured. They can also avoid making music that sounds "random" or "amateurish." Audiences can use music theory to better appreciate the music they hear, and to understand how it is put together.

Music theory is a critical tool for any musician, and is something that all serious music students should study. It will help you to create better music, and to understand and enjoy the music of others. 

Bill Kelliher does that and everybody loves it.

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