ENGL Amp Spotlight: Metalmaster 20 E309

ENGL Amp Spotlight: Metalmaster 20 E309

Is the size of your head tied to the quality of your performance? Not if you're using the ENGL Metalmaster 20! It's only 16.5” wide, but this all-tube 20W head packs a mean punch. Not only is it plenty loud for nearly any recording studio or small venue environment, but it has the Power Soak feature so you can get all the huge metal tone you ever dreamed of without getting evicted from your apartment, with the ability to select Full Power, 5 Watts, 1 Watt, or Speaker Off. You can use the optional footswitch that, in addition to Channel selection, FX Loop and Reverb, can engage the Mid Scoop function, so you’re the push of a button away from evil metal tones, scooped out in the ‘bathtub’ EQ curve shape... an authentic new-generation metal sound that lives from taut, ultra-deep bass, hollowed-out mids and sharp highs. Also, if you play a 7-string, baritone, or other extended range ESP, this is the perfect amp to bring out the most brutal, evil, merciless, and ferocious tones that your music deserves. Horns up!

• 2 Channels: Clean, Lead
• Serial FX Loop
• Power Soak (Full Power, 5 Watts, 1 Watt, Speaker Off)
• Frequency Compensated Line Out'

Sound Options:
• Mid Scoop
• Reverb
• Controls
• Gain (for each Channel)
• 3-Band EQ (shared) - Reverb
• Lead Volume
• Master

• Poweramp Output (1 x 8 Ω - 16 Ω, 2 x 8 Ω ||, 1 x 16 Ω, 1 x 8 Ω - 16 Ω for Power Soak)
• Frequency Compensated Line Out

• Z4 (Channels, Mid Scoop, Reverb, FX Loop)

Preamp Tubes:
• 2 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7

Output Tubes:
2 x Engl EL84

Output Wattage:
20 W

16.5" x 8" x 9" (42 x 20 x 23 cm)

19.8 lbs (9 kg)

ESP distributes ENGL amplifiers in the USA and Canada. Find a list of our ENGL dealers here!

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Jim C.

Great Amp. Recommendable.

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I have this and the savage 120 mk2 snakeskin... and the 4x12 pro. I seldom leave my mini studio nowadays.. 

Phillip H.

Very good amp