ENGL Amp Spotlight: Artist Edition 50 E653

ENGL Amp Spotlight: Artist Edition 50 E653

If we told you the real, true story behind the development of the ENGL Artist Edition E653, it would create a lot of problems... for us and several others. See, this amp was never really supposed to exist. Here's the basic idea.

At one point, a well-known Los Angeles-based musician had been using the ENGL Signature Series Ritchie Blackmore E650, and while he loved it, he had a few ideas on how the amp could be improved to meet the specific needs of himself and other professional studio and touring guitarists. Working with our LA-based team, they created a custom modification of that amp, doing things like adding EL34 tubes in the power amp stage and other tricks, adding headroom and making tone tweaks, and then... nothing. It was used for a project or two, and then it sat in our LA showroom. Other artists dropping by wanted to know what this unique amp was all about, but as soon as they tried it themselves, they had to use it on whatever recording they were doing at the time. That prototype amp ended up getting loaned out and passed around from one world-class LA studio to the next.

Here's the part we can't mention with too many details: if you saw a list of the players and albums this amp ended up on, your mind might literally explode. We can't we just tell you? Because, as we said up top, it would create problems for those players, many of whom have endorsement deals with other amp manufacturers. You probably see what we mean here. But regardless, this world-class 50 watt, all-tube, hand-wired amp has now joined the offerings in the ENGL lineup, and it might be the best amp you've ever imagined.

• 4 Channels: Clean, Crunch, Soft Lead, Heavy Lead
• All Tube Head
• Tube buffered FX Loop with Balance control
• Noise Gate
• Master A/B
• S.A.C.: Serial Amp Control

Sound Options:
• Bright
• Shape

• Gain (for each Channel)
• 3-Band EQ
• Lead Presence
• Lead Volume
• Master A
• Master B
• FX Loop Balance

• Power amp Output (1 x 4 Ω, 1 x 8 Ω, 1 x 16 Ω, 2 x 8 Ω ||, 2 x 16 Ω ||)

• Z4 (Channels, Master A/B, Shape, FX Loop, Noise Gate)
• Z9 (Channels, Master A/B, Shape, FX Loop, Noise Gate)

Preamp Tubes:
4 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7

Output Tubes:
2 x Engl EL34

Output Wattage:
50 W

28"x10.6"x10.6" (71 x 27 x 27 cm)

41.9 lbs (19 kg)

ESP distributes ENGL amplifiers in the USA and Canada. Find a list of our ENGL dealers here!

Jim C.

This amp is great. very recommendable.