ENGL Amp Spotlight: Speaker Cabinets

ENGL Amp Spotlight: Speaker Cabinets

Let's talk about amplifier speaker cabinets for a bit.

You put a ton of effort into choosing the perfect guitar for your music. You obsessively research the right combinations of amplifiers heads, effects pedals, modelling devices, and plug-ins. But then, especially for people who play live, you take your carefully-chosen rig and shove all of your sound through any old speaker (or set of speakers) in a box. Keeping in mind that your amplifier speaker cabinet is the final point at which your sound departs from you and hits your audience's ears, perhaps some more attention should be given to this crucial part of your guitar rig's signal chain.

ENGL is as well known for their outstanding speaker cabinets as they are for their all-tube, handwired amplifiers. From straightforward single 10" cabinets to big 4x12" models, ENGL's cabinets are renowned among professional players not only for their excellent representation of powerful tones, but also for their sturdy roadworthiness that allows them to hold up on long, grueling tours in adverse conditions. Let's take a look at the ENGL cabinet offerings.

ENGL E110 Pro

If great tone in a compact, lightweight footprint is your criteria, the E110 Pro is a great choice. Featuring a single 10" Celestion G10N-40 speaker, this small affordable cabinet is great for your home-based practice rig and for recording. It handles up to 40W of power, offers parallel input and thru jacks for daisy chaining, and has a solid hand-welded metal grill. For smaller live gigs, it's a perfect companion -- both sonically and visually -- for the compact Rockmaster, Metalmaster and Gigmaster heads, offering professional results with the smallest stage footprint you can imagine.


Once again proving that limited space does not mean you have to compromise tone, the E112VB handles up to 60W of max power, with the excellent full-range sound of a 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker that offers punchy bass and shimmering high frequencies. This cabinet is ready for the road with construction made of solid Siberian birch (14 times folded), and is a great choice for use with many of ENGL's acclaimed compact amp heads (while still likely fitting in the trunk of your car). The small but mighty single 12" cabinets are offered in both straight and slanted front versions.


The 2x12" cabinet format has been used on some of the most legendary amps in history, and with the V212VB, ENGL offers it in a vertical version that simply kicks ass. As one of our most popular cabinets, this small-setup solution works for everything from the practice room to the studio to the stage, handling up to 120W of power in mono, or 2x60W of power in stereo. It holds two 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers that deliver solid bass and silky highs, and is the absolute right choice of compact cabs for your ENGL Ironball, Rockmaster, or Metalmaster head. If you're hitting the road, its housing, made of 14-ply Siberian birch, is built for eternity and is 100% roadworthy. If you prefer a horizontally-oriented 2x12" cabinet, ENGL has it with the V212VHB.

ENGL E412VGB, E412VSB, & E412XXL

If you require the raw power of a full 4x12" cabinet, ENGL has several to choose from. The straight-front E412VGB and slanted-front E412VSB have become absolute classics in the world of rock and metal for three reasons: tone, power, and toughness. These cabinets are used nearly every day by respected players on world tours. Handling up to 240W of power, these 4x12" cabinets give you the kind of volume and sound dispersion that's been an essential part of rock for over 50 years, along with the high quality and attention to detail you only get from ENGL. Each cabinet has four 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, delivering the tones you know and love: mid-oriented, complex distorted structures, and a solid bass foundation with sweet, articulate highs. And, with the trials and tribulations of live tours, their 14-ply Siberian birch housing is meant to handle just about anything.

With the E412XXL, the old adage that "bigger is better" comes into play. For metal players who need that extra push, this straight-front cab is an absolute balls-out screamer. The larger cabinet format allows for even more speaker volume, along with the decisive bonus of super-fat low end and tighter mids. It's hard to imagine running out of headroom under any circumstances! Like our other 4x12" models, the E412XXL offers four Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, and is built specifically to handle the rigors of the road.

ESP distributes ENGL amplifiers in the USA and Canada. Many ENGL speaker cabinets are also available in custom covering colors! Find a list of our ENGL dealers here!

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Madison W.

This small-setup solution works for everything from the practice room to the studio to the stage. Visit us today to check further types of speaker cabinets.

Hekate's flame

My Engl 2x12 seems hard to beat right now. I definitely recommend it over other popular cabinets I've tried (better than Orange, Marshall, Avatar, EVH and others). 

I would be willing to try the 4x12 ITF, when it's available.