Alexi Laiho (1979-2020)

Alexi Laiho (1979-2020)

Everyone at ESP extends our deepest condolences to the friends, family, and millions of fans around the world of ESP signature artist Alexi Laiho, who passed away suddenly at age 41. We've had the pleasure of being friends with Alexi for many years, supplying him with the guitars he's used for his work in his bands Children of Bodom and Bodom After Midnight. In addition to being recognized on multiple occasions as one of the world's best guitarists, Alexi was a kind and gentle person whose friendship we will miss greatly.


We couldn't be more proud of the global ESP community for their hundreds and hundreds of heartfelt contributions to our Alexi Laiho tribute feature. Please take a look at them, and add your own.

Jack's Guitars

After seeing the 50-ith tribute to his death in January, (typing this in May), I decided that he must be amazing if he has this many tributes. In the car on the way to somewhere I put them on in my headphones and my brain was blown to pieces. It was just amazing. RIP. Definitely an inspiration to my guitar playing.

David  B.

 Yes!!!@@@@  fan guitar  les


puka n.

Your feedback helps me a lot, A very meaningful event, I hope everything will go well basketball legends

YE 京帥 王

You’re welcome...

Stephanos I.

I discovered COB when I was around 14-15 on a school trip to Paris .

I bought hatebreeder and follow the reaper in the airport to the way there , and I remember i was so stunned discovering the magic of COB.. I spent the whole trip Ignoring everyone and listening to the albums

music is a feeling , a different feeling every time , and the memories it generates cannot be compared to anything else . Thank you Alexi for the memories and the music , and also for making me a better guitar player . . R.I.P 

Saaya S.

Alexi is a person who gave me the most of dreams,impressions and effect on music.

I saw him on magazine, that was tiny pic though I interested in him because he's guitar looked similarto Randy Rhords one. I was a fan of him.

Immediately I looked up COB on Youtube then he knocked me out. I had goosepimples by his charismatic attitude as a front man, musician, and incredible guitar skills.I was 13.

After that I practiced his tunes a lot,listened COB all day even when go to sleep,read hard his interviews,and I bacame to think I want to be a pro likes him.I prayed every night, I want to see him in the person and play guitar together someday.

I turned to 20,he announced about100guitarsfromHel. I knew I must to try it, then...He elected me! I remember when I got the E-mail,just incredible and happy.

We had 2rehearsals in Helsinki. When he appeared, I almost was gonna cry.

Then 100 members got chance to talk to him and take pic,I couldn't believe the person I've been following is in front of me.I said to him, "It was my dream to play guitar with you, I want to be a professional guitarist like you" He said,"Awesome!"And I gave him Japanese beer and he said "Arigato"with smile.

On real stage date,I stood behind of Janne,and we started to play. I looked at Alexi's back,looked very reliable and just impressed,wished the time never be end.

Same year, I got to talk to him again at meet&great in Japan. I said to him "I'd love to do 100gfh again,and don't forget me" then he brought his phone and took pic with me. Totally he's amazing musician and also heartfull person,moderate, I respect these his aspects too.

It was difficult to write as short as possible, and still I'm depressing but I know I'll keep following and respect him and he's my goal forever.

These memories are my treasure and never forget.

I want to send big love and appreciation to him.

See you again someday, Alexi Laiho.

YE 京帥 王


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