Coming Soon: ESP Lockdown Rockdown

Coming Soon: ESP Lockdown Rockdown

Heads up, ESP All Access Community! We know that many people around the world have dealt with being under "stay at home" orders, and as musicians who like to get out and jam, it's not been very fun just noodling away by yourselves.

So, coming soon, we're going to give you a reason to rock with the ESP Lockdown Rockdown. We're going to provide you with some basic music tracks, and you're going to deliver us your most mind-blowing solos, which will then be judged by a panel of ESP staff and some special guest judges from the ESP Artist Roster. We'll feature the best of them here on the ESP site, and the best one of them all will get a sweet prize for their efforts in the form of one of our "New for 2020" LTD guitars.

Again, this is just a heads-up for the moment. We'll soon be posting more details and making the backing tracks available for download. But as long as many of us are locked down, we're not going to stop rocking! More info on ESP Lockdown Rockdown coming soon!

Steven Cooper

When are they going to announce the winner?

White image

It´s a fun challenge. I´ll try to make something, but have absolute no chance compared to the many skilled schredders.

1000 Pounds of Thrust Guitar

Sounds like fun!

NIcholas L.

Covid lockdown rockdown...bring it on!!!

Nathan M.

As mostly a rhythm player, I don't stand a chance, but excellent idea! 

Ozell M.

Try anyway might be a good growth exercise and have more soul to it since you will be playing from feel rather than scales!!!!

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