ENGL Amp Spotlight: Metalmaster 20 E304

ENGL Amp Spotlight: Metalmaster 20 E304

Let's imagine that you like metal... probably a pretty good possibility. Now let's imagine that you need an amp that doesn't a) take up half your room in size or b) weigh 17,000 tons. Still with us? Maybe you're even planning on having a small amp that still has tons of balls... one that you can actually take with you as you go to various gigs and studios and friends' homes for jams. Well, the ENGL Metalmaster 20 might be the absolute perfect amp for you. Shockingly powerful for its size, the Metalmaster 20 gives you many of the high-end features and sonic sculpting qualities you know from larger ENGL amp models, but in a compact and portable package.

In addition to channel selection, effects loop and reverb, the Mid Scoop function is footswitchable in this small infernal machine. You'll find an authentic new-generation metal sound in this amp, from taut, ultra-deep basses to hollowed-out mids and sharp highs. The purebred tube concept and the modern features make this amp a metal monster for stage and studio. The power soak and a frequency-corrected recording out spare the ears of the neighbors and still bring the fat sounds to the hard drive. Whether you're using a 7-string, drop-tuning or otherwise extended range, the Metalmaster performs mercilessly.

• 2 Channels: Clean, Lead
• Serial FX Loop
• Power Soak (Full Power, 5 Watts, 1 Watt, Speaker Off)
• Frequency Compensated Line Out'

Sound Options
• Mid Scoop
• Reverb

• Gain (for each Channel)
• 3-Band EQ (shared) - Reverb
• Lead Volume
• Master

• Poweramp Output (1 x 8 Ω - 16 Ω, 2 x 8 Ω ||, 1 x 16 Ω, 1 x 8 Ω - 16 Ω for Power Soak)
• Frequency Compensated Line Out

• Z4 (Channels, Mid Scoop, Reverb, FX Loop)

• 10" Celestion G10N-40

Preamp Tubes
• 2 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7

Output Tubes
• 2 x Engl EL84

Output Wattage
20 W

ESP distributes ENGL amplifiers in the USA and Canada. Find a list of our ENGL dealers here!

Cloe M.

Wow, I want it

mahesh p.

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Aron A.

Update on my previous post 15 days ago:

I had a gig last night and used my engl Metal Master for the first time  and it sounded absolutely fantastic! No "boxy" sound as I wrote in the previous post, as in my house. The club was a medium size, and the amp delivered 100%. 


Jeff K.

We knew it would, but we also knew you'd have to hear it for yourself! Thanks Aron.

Aron A.


I've purchased a MetalMaster 20, and it sounds great. One thing, it sounds a little "boxy" if you know what I mean. As long as I'm standing straight in front of it, it sounds awsome,  but if I move slightly to the side, 30-40 degrees,  the sound loses it clarity and depth. Sounds like a can. Is it supposed to be like that? So far I've used it at home, but I'm gonna have gig in 2 weeks in a medium size club,  where I'm planning to use it. You think the size of the room/ acoustics could affect that?  I'm a little concerned. I'd appreciate some opinions and/experience.