July 4-7: Visit ESP at Anime Expo 2019

July 4-7: Visit ESP at Anime Expo 2019

Most of you know that ESP began in 1975 as a shop called “Electric Sound Products” in Tokyo. This year, we’re jumping on a chance to celebrate Japanese pop culture in a big way, along with over 300,000 fellow fans at Anime Expo 2019.

Held July 4-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Anime Expo (AX) is four days of fun for anime fans, and you can expect to see a lot of excellent cosplay and cool exhibits. You’ll also find ESP there, with our very own booth in The Annex @ Kentia Hall.

At ESP’s Anime Expo booth, you’ll be able to check out some of the guitars that are usually limited to our Japan-based customers and aren’t easy to find in North America. We’re also having contests and giveaways, and the opportunity to get some special limited edition ESP apparel merchandise that’s not available elsewhere.

In case you’re wondering why ESP is participating in AX, it’s pretty simple. Our deep involvement in the genre of J-Rock and its anime-themed guitars and music projects makes ESP the perfect guitar company to be part of the anime world! More information and registration is available at www.anime-expo.org. For a detailed spotlight on ESP's J-Rock artists and their guitars, click here.

JULY 4-7 2019

Jackson S.

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I love anime

Samuel D. Darden

Thanks for taking your time to write this information for the 2019 Expo. worm io

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That is really an amazing post I loved reading it. thank you for sharing! 


When I was still in high I went to the anime expo. I had so much fun! It was great getting to see all the cosplayers with their incredible outfits. These days I'm usually too busy working on my business to attend events like this but I'm happy to hear ESP will be attending to give us Americans a chance to try out some rare Japanese guitars.

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