Premier Guitar Magazine Reviews LTD GB-4 Bass

Who doesn't like a thorough product review? The folks at Premier Guitar Magazine can always be counted on to do the deep dive into any guitar or bass we send to them, and that was certainly the case in their recent review of the LTD GB-4 bass. Reviewer Steve Cook, a veteran professional bass player whose studio and touring credits run the gamut from rock to jazz to country, not only took the GB-4 through its paces for a variety of genres and playing styles, but also provided excellent sonic samples and a video to go along with the review.

The GB-4 is available in Black and Seafoam Green finishes, and is completely unique among the LTD series of basses with its powerful and versatile electronics that combine a set of passive Seymour Duncan SSB-4 pickups with Duncan’s STC-3M3 active EQ. You’ll not only be able to sculpt your tone with stacked treble/bass controls and a dedicated midrange control; you also get a push-pull feature on the volume knob that engages the GB-4’s slap switch, a special EQ contour voiced specifically for slap bass.

You can read the entire review here, and check out the video below. Steve's conclusion on the GB-4 is pretty straightforward.

"The ESP LTD GB-4 is a mid-level-instrument winner. The bass can fill gaps for players that have more than one style of gig, and it would make for a great No. 1 bass or a well-rounded backup if multiple tones are needed. The rocker side of music is covered with striking features and playability, and with the different EQ options available within the bass, it gives a wide range of players a pretty decent range of tones. ESP has done a great job with professional build features in an affordable bass, while giving us an instrument with some attitude. All in all, the GB-4 is worthy of solid consideration to whet your offset appetite."

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