ESP Rockers in Rock Sound Magazine's "Best Albums of 2018"

ESP Rockers in Rock Sound Magazine's "Best Albums of 2018"

Some people love December for the snow, the holidays, the feasts, and the family gatherings... but we love this time of year for all these year end "Best Of" lists that everyone seems to put out! We don't always agree with their choices, but sometimes it's just as fun to complain about who and what was selected as it is to agree with them. Rock Sound, a UK-based alternative music magazine that's been around since 1999, had a number of bands that include ESP players for their "Best Albums of 2018" list, and we solidly are behind each of these choices!

Coming in at #49, Phoenix-based metalcore band Blessthefall got kudos for their album Hard Feelings, which came out in March. Blessthefall includes ESP guitar players Eric Lambert and Elliot Gruenberg. The magazine's #40 choice was Reverence by Australian metalcore kings Parkway Drive, a band that includes ESP signature artists Luke Kilpatrick (LTD LK-600) and Jeff Ling (LTD JL-600). Beartooth's latest album Disease came in at #25, and the band features ESP-playing guitarist Kamron Bradbury. Finally, and very deservedly, the new Holy Hell album by Architects landed at #11. Architects features one of ESP's most acclaimed next-generation guitar gods with Josh Middleton.

Regardless of their placement on anyone's list, we're proud of every single artist who chooses ESP to do their best work! See the entire ESP artist roster here.

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Hard Feelings of Blessthefall


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