LTD GB-4 Sweepstakes Winner: David Caswell

Everyone give a hearty congratulations to David Caswell of Illinois. He's the winner of our recent LTD GB-4 Sweepstakes, where he got his choice of either the Seafoam Green/Maple or Black/Pau Ferro version of this outstanding bass. Out of thousands and thousands of entries, David's name was chosen randomly, and he has selected the Seafoam Green GB-4... an excellent choice!

LTD GB-4 (Seafoam Green/Maple)

LTD GB-4 (Black/Pau Ferro)

Introduced earlier this year, the LTD GB-4 offers a set of professional performance tools in an all new, completely cool future-retro design. The GB-4 is completely unique among the LTD series of basses with its powerful and versatile electronics that combine a set of passive Seymour Duncan SSB-4 pickups with Duncan’s STC-3M3 active EQ. You’ll not only be able to sculpt your tone with stacked treble/bass controls and a dedicated midrange control; you also get a push-pull feature on the volume knob that engages the GB-4’s slap switch, a special EQ contour voiced specifically for slap bass. There are even trim pots on the circuit board that can be tweaked to preset the slap EQ contour right where you want it. The sound of this pickup set and preamp electronics is huge… beefy and round, with excellent articulation on the low end (especially great for for bass players who downtune).

Again, hats off to David for having won this sweepstakes. We hope to get some pics of him with his new bass after he receives it. For the rest of you, don't despair... we'll have plenty of other opportunities to win for the ESP All Access community. If you're not yet signed up, join today!

Anant Ahuja

How exactly do I enter in these sweepstakes. I joined ESP All Access but where can I find these sweepstakes.

David C.

 It has arrived safely in case. Beautiful playing and looking  bass. Thank you again ESP. Proof that ESP contests are 100% picked randomly. Thank you

Rob H.

A hearty congratulations to David Caswell of Illinois!!!


David C.

thanks Rob.

Francois V.

Congrats David, Have fun with this beauty !

David C.

Thank you Francois.

Miguel G.

Congrats David. That bass is a real beaut.

David C.

thank you Miguel.

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