Congrats to our "Play Mr. Scary" Contest Winners

Congrats to our "Play Mr. Scary" Contest Winners

In September and October, we had what may have been one of the coolest contests in ESP history. And as of today, we're happy to finally announce the winners.

George Lynch and ESP send our congratulations to Takeyo Kimura of Tokyo, Japan, for winning the first place prize as chosen by Mr. Scary himself. Takeyo will be receiving a signed LTD GL-200K "Kamikaze" guitar for his outstanding performance of George's signature song, along with a signed copy of KXM's album. Takeyo reports, "George was my superhero since I was a teenager! I am supremely happy."


Our second through fifth place runners up are as follows:
- Julian Scarcella
- Scott Manning
- Leandro Martins
- Dave Odegaard

All of them will also receive signed copies of the KXM album, and we congratulate them on their excellent work. We also want to thank the dozens of other people who submitted their video entries, which ranged from the silly to the sublime. The ESP team, along with George, enjoyed every one of them.

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jakob j.

GONGRATS everyone


JP Aca

Congrats to all the players that made an effort to submit entries giving their best to honor this music piece accordingly to the requested rules

Great JP, for me the "second" however should be in first position. Very strange only second, too strong player, so strong that for him is enough to play only 1.46min.

Absolutely all 100% live!
Maybe George had smoke in the eyes during his video

Dave Odegaard

Congrats Takeyo! You did a great job with that tune. Really like your style. 

Giuseppe Raffa

Did Mr. Lynch really see all the videos?? Or maybe he was too busy between a photographic pose and another???


Angelo S.

Congratulations to all the winners especially Takeyo. Your video was excellent sir and I enjoyed watching it! I appreciacte the time and effort everyone put into making their videos and what a fun contest! So much creativity and thought out there in the world it's totally amazing to see so many interpretations of what I consider in my opinion to be the best intrumental track of all time. Cheers all !!

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