Driving, Cycling, Eating, and Watching movies
Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Seinfeld, Trailer Park Boys, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos, and Hannibal
Lord of The Rings, Raid 1+2, The Matrix Trilogy, In Brugges, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Clockwork Orange, Mulholland Drive, American History X, Terminator Series, and Avatar
Nevermore, Death, Textures, Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Pain of Salvation, Intronaut, Gorguts, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cannibal Corpse, Psycroptic, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Lunatic Soul, Dream Theater, and Between The Buried and Me
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Line 6 POD X3 and Line 6 MKII
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Jeff Loomis, Fredrik Thordendal, Guthrie Govan, John Petrucci, and Mark Knopfler
About me:

Indian-based guitarist who plays for critically acclaimed progressive metal acts 'Eccentric Pendulum' and 'Limit Zero'. Having played with multiple artists across many genres since the age of 15, Arjun finally found his style and sound in the broad category of progressive metal.

He has released 2 albums each with both bands and toured Europe [including being the first Indian artist to play at the Wacken Open Air festival and SWR Metalfest]. 

Eccentric Pendulum has won many awards for their debut 'Winding The Optics' which includes Rolling Stone's "Best Metal Album", "Best Metal Drummer", "Best Metal Bassist", etc. 

Currently working as a graphic designer, he plans to expand his musical boundaries with the bands and experiment with different soundscapes.

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