Pantera - Mouth for War Full Guitar Cover (ESP LTD Elite ST-1)

Originally posted on YouTube June 2018: . Full guitar cover of “Mouth for War” by Pantera, from the album “Vulgar Display of Power,” 1992.



  • Customized 2013 ESP LTD Elite ST-1
    • Seymour Duncan Warren Demartini RTM custom humbucker
    • Dimarzio Air Norton S
    • Floyd Rose silent springs, push-in bar
    • Various titanium add-ons
  • Line 6 POD HD 500X
  • Elixir Nanoweb 9-gauge
  • John Petrucci Dunlop FLOW Pick
  • Audacity (for recording from amp, no effects added post production)
  • VSDC Video Editor