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Beautiful.Crue.World (TBA) Credits:

Written, Performed and Recorded by Samer Bata

Guitars, Bass, Sound design, Drum Programming, Samples

artwork and visuals: Samer Bata

Recorded and engineered by: Martin Jackson (Confyde, Chop Suey, Solo)

Mix and Mastered by: Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios 

Released by: Pretty Maggots Music and Events



Born and raised in the often-misunderstood landscapes of the Middle east, British Jordanian guitarist/songwriter Samer has always wanted to etch a different sound in Rock. After several musical inceptions and bands, Samer has decided to write, record, produce and release his own music under a moniker every knows him by, his first name. 


Using a little red book as a ticket to more northern shores, Samer left Jordan in pursuit of music, in pursuit of creativity and to find a musical sound as a guitar player. Now, his musical identity is all about the 6 stringed instrument. Samer, is releasing his debut Alternative/Rock/Instrumental album Beautiful.Cruel.World.  


“I have always been told that I have my own approach to music and song writing.” Whenever he is asked about style and genre, or approach to music. “With my own project, under my name I don’t have to comprise, and I don’t need to conform, a trait I have always wanted to wear alongside my heart, on my sleeve.” 


With a single currently released on all digital platforms, The Fragile gives listeners an introduction into what the debut album is all about. The next single “Patchwork Heart” is described as “an instrumental track in the vein of ‘Judith’ era A Perfect Circle with some soaring guitar lines adding depth and verve to the track, giving it an extra lease of life!" – Uberrock. 


For fans of Joe Satriani, A Perfect Circle, HIM, Mastodon and Alter Bridge. 

Beautiful.Cruel.World is available soon 


Patchwork Heart is released 18th Sep

The Fragile is available everywhere



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I proudly use ESP Guitars 

I proudly use MXR Effects

I proudly use Jim Dunlop Wah, JazzIII picks and Slides

I proudly use Rotosound String - Custom Guage and Blue

I proudly use EVH amps 

I proudly use Line 6 HxStomp and M5 

I proudly use Yamaha Acoustic Guitars 


I also use Electro-Harmonix, Boss, TC electronic, Musicom Labs in my rig too.