Riffs, Beards & Gear Tries out Neil Westfall's ESP Custom

Ryan Bruce, aka Fluff, has a great YouTube channel called "Riffs, Beards & Gear" which is about... riffs, beards and gear (but mostly gear). We stumbled over one of his latest videos which at first glance seemed like a review of the LTD NW-44, the official LTD Signature Series guitar for Neil Westfall of A Day To Remember. That would have been cool, of course, but then we realized that Fluff had actually gotten his hands on Neil's one and only ESP Custom Shop guitar that was the basis for the NW-44's design. How did he get Neil's #1 recording and touring guitar? We don't know, but maybe he just asked, and Neil was cool enough to just send it on over. Wow. Anyway, enjoy this video where Fluff takes Neil's original ESP Custom Shop guitar through its paces.