Nils Courbaron on the ESP E-II Horizon NT-7 EverTune

Musician Nils Courbaron is the guitarist of Norwegian symphonic metal band Sirenia and French death metal band Think Of A New Kind. He appears to be in some kind of guitar heaven (actually at the instrument store Metal Guitar in Paris) while doing this playthrough of his solo song "A New Era" using an ESP E-II Horizon NT-7 EverTune. This neck-through-body guitar is made at the ESP factory in Tokyo, and in addition to the innovative EverTune bridge, it offers top-tier components like a Schaller straplock, Gotoh locking tuners, and a graphite nut. Video filmed by Cécile Delpoïo. Nils' song "A New Era" is available via Bandcamp here, and you can follow him on Instagram: @nils_courbaron, @thinkofanewkind, @sireniabandofficial

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Jack T.

You are bloody insane mate!!! That was awesome, lovin that guitar for sure. 


He is unreal!  What a great demonstration!!! 

Frederick B.

Damn!  That was an awesome playthrough, and I'm loving that E-II Horizon. \m/

Nils Courbaron