LTD Eclipse '87 Demo by Jamie Hunt

The LTD ’87 Series are faithful recreations of the iconic set of instruments from ESP’s 1987 catalog, when ESP first became known worldwide for innovative features like neck-thru construction, locking tremolos, and custom finishes. Unlike the current single-cutaway Eclipse shape, the original ESP Eclipse was based on the TE archtop shape, which is the basis of the LTD Eclipse ’87. This guitar offers neck-thru-body construction with a mahogany body and three-piece maple neck, along with a set of Seymour Duncan ’59 (neck) and JB (bridge) pickup set (with original style bobbins and a push-pull control to split the coils), and a Floyd Rose-1000 locking tremolo.

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Martin  F.

Love it! Great guitar and an awesome player!

Amir Hossein Veghar Farahnak