CDC - Eyes and Teeth

Play through of CDC - Eyes and Teeth with my ESP E-II Eclipse.


ESP is a home and platform for every guitar player and band that is fast, loud, hard, and heavy - punk, metal, hardcore, and shredders, that melt faces when they play. They also have very big names on the roster in rock, pop, country, and rap. These guitars are for every person and every genre! 


I play ESP guitars for 3 reasons:

  1. Aesthetics. ESP makes the best looking guitars out there. But looks won’t get you everything.
  2. Quality. ESP has the build quality, craftsmanship, components, and hardware that I need and rely on while I’m on tour. And the ESP Thin U neck contour is everything to me.
  3. The roster of guitar heroes! When I first started touring and discovering new bands, I noticed everyone was playing an eclipse, viper, or horizon. The LTD lineup is the standard in the underground world of fast, hard, heavy music. The ESP and LTD logos alone are staples and a representation of a lot that I’ve been through with CDC.