John Lowe: Improv on the LTD GL-KAMI4

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! After a short break while we've been busy introducing all of our "New for 2020" guitars and basses, it's time to get back on track with our weekly spotlights on the music of ESP All Access members, and we were happily surprised to see this submission from community member John Lowe. John actually works for us at ESP in our North Hollywood, CA US headquarters, and his job is very important; he is one of the support representatives that helps handle any problems our customers run into with their instruments. Since ESP is known worldwide for our extraordinary quality and terrific service, John is often one of the main points of contact between us and our customers, and we're always proud of how well he takes care of musicians who need his assistance. John is playing his LTD George Lynch Signature Series GL-KAMI4 on this improvisational jam, using the backing track "Fade to Shadows" by his band Corpse Ritual. He's modded his guitar as many of you do, installing a Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker. You can follow John on Instagram at @jawnlowe.

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Matt G.

Looks like Mr. Lowe is using the LTD version. George Lynch is featured in the Winter NAMM 2020 video with the ESP model.

The link in the article refers to the LTD but, it links to the ESP page.

Are there both LTD and ESP versions of this particular guitar and, if so, is there link to the LTD version page?


John Lowe

Hey Matt,

There was an LTD version of this instrument released in 2019 called the "LTD Kami-4" which is unfortunately discontinued for 2020.  The ESP Kamikaze-4 is still available for purchase.  Some of our dealers may still have stock of the LTD Kami-4 even though it is no longer in production.  

Carl N.

This man do great guitaring!

Danny Leftridge

Killer shreds!


So Much Praise! So Much Excitement! Not Enough Cow Bell.