This is a play-thru of my song Metamorphosis from the EP (Resurgence) I released in 2017 under my solo peoject band Burnt City.
All playings are live, there is no post editing or miming, I recorded 4 tracks of rhythm, I used my ESP M-II (2006) moded with John Petrucci's signature DiMarzio pickups, and my Engl Fireball 100 with a TS808 in front of it, connected to a Torpedo Live by Two Notes.
Other effects used in this video are: Boss NS-2, T.Rex Fuel tank, Boss RV-6, EHX Memory Toy, Dunlop Crybaby 535Q, John Petrucci's signature pick (flow), Elixir Strings.
The music is available on all major online distributing and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc...) if you enjoy the music please give it a spin or purchase the EP. Cheers, ESP Rules

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