Brendan Breakdown LTD SC-608B

About the guitar:

8 strings and barritone..this guitar is a beast!! For such a beastly guitar it plays sooo incredibly nicel. I will actually opt for this guitar playing standard tuning songs and just play the bottom 6 string because it feels that nice. This is the second 8 string I've owned from ESP and by far the best that I've played yet. My first 8 string was the LTD-418 but this guitar is on a completely different level. I can't put it down. 

About the song:

Some of the riffs in this song are the very first riffs I came up with when I first took this guitar for a test drive. I notice ESP doesn't share too many All Access Members videos rocking the 8 string line up so I was determined to make a riff jam and show it off! The 8 string guitar takes a special kind of can't really just pick up and start doing power chords and bar chords you have to tame the beast a little bit and I tried to show that in the video.. Some big full chords that Stephen Carpenter may play and some one string chords to really get that bow bow sound.

About the location:

Video shot at the practice spot in Hatfield, PA. My LTD EC-1000 in the background and both of my 5150's (one hiding in a road case)