30 Years of Helmet and ESP with Page Hamilton

Alternative music icon Page Hamilton of Helmet is celebrating his band's 30th anniversary with a huge tour... but it's also his 30th anniversary playing ESP guitars. This influential player and composer recently stopped by our offices to talk about the special memories he associates with many of his well-known ESP Custom Shop guitars. More info on Helmet's 30x30x30 tour is available at their web site.

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jason b.

Awesome wish I still.had mine.

Andy B.

SWEET MONKEY JESUS! Would you re- release the PH600 MG! Im dying to find obe of these! COME ON ALREADY!!!! Its the 30th anniversary!!!!!

Nick C.

Idk, it is so hard to find one because esp only made them for a couple years. I suppose their custom shop could make you one for an outrageous price...lol


Super cool!