Steve Miller "The Joker" on the Avante Gryphon

He's about as classic of a classic rocker as it gets. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and massively respected guitarist and songwriter Steve Miller uses the Avante by Veillette Gryphon on this clip of a stripped down version of his hit song "The Joker". The Gryphon is a short-scale fretted instrument that is set up similarly to a guitar, allowing you to use the same familiar chord shapes and scales that you already know, but is tuned to a high D note (the equivalent to the 10th fret of a standard guitar). Also, the Gryphon has 12 strings, with six sets of unison courses similar to a mandolin. Get more information and find where to buy the Gryphon here.

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Steven V.

That sounds amazing, and I assume it's just from a phone mic.   I can only imagine how good it sounded live.