E-II Horizon Demo by Cameron Stucky

The ESP E-II Series are guitars and basses we produce in our Japan-based factory, and represent a more affordable way to experience the quality of ESP along with all the build quality and high-end components you expect for professional performance. In this video, Cameron Stucky of Redwood City, CA-based metal band Crepuscle demos two of our finest E-II models: the Horizon NT-II in Tiger Eye Amber Fade finish, and the Horizon NT-II in Blue-Purple Gradation. These are similar models with neck-thru-body construction and quilted maple tops, with a slightly different set of pickups: the Tiger Eye version is new for 2019 and includes the EMG 66TW/57TW set that are splittable.  

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aaron c.

Dude, nice!!!

Glenn N.

Me like!