ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! We have to admit, when we first pulled up this video of All Access member Giovanni Rovatti doing his original song "Anesthesia", we thought he looked a little bit like our high school trigonometry teacher. But as usual, judging a book by its cover is a bad idea, and this Italian stallion is actually the frontman for thrash metal band Hydra. Once we hit "play", we knew that his music submission was our choice for this week's spotlight, with great tones, menacing rhythms, and powerful riffs. Giovanni does it on his new LTD M-Black Metal, a neck-thru-body guitar with a Floyd Rose bridge and a direct-mount Seymour Duncan “Blackened” Black Winter pickup. Sounds awesome! You can listen to and buy Hydra's music via their Bandcamp page

If you're doing cool music with your ESP, ESP E-II, or LTD guitar or bass, upload a video to the ESP site and we might select you as the next ESP All Access Community Member to feature on our front page where thousands of other players can check you out! Get the details here.

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