ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! We'd love to tell you more about ESP All Access community member Maxim P... and if he'd filled out more of his profile, we gladly would! But as it is, we'll go with what we know based on this video. First, he's been an All Access member since November 2016. Second, Maxim plays an LTD D-5, which is a very cool -- if highly underrated -- bass. The D-5 is a neck-thru-body instrument that offer string-thru-body bridge systems for excellent sustain and tone, and includes ESP Designed SB-5 pickups with an active 3-band ABQ-3 EQ. LTD D Series basses are also available in 4-string and 6-string versions. Finally, we can tell you we enjoy his solo bass composition "Two rivers" that he seems to perform under the name udAdept.

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