Gergo Hajer: "Everything Ends" (Cover)

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! In addition to being a member of ESP All Access, Gergő Hájer is part of the ESP artist family as a Hungarian groove metal king along with the band he founded, Omega Diatribe. But even musicians who are well known for their own music love to rock out on the tunes of other players, which is why Gergő takes on a Slipknot cover here, using his ESP M-II Camo and his LTD B Series bass on "Everything Ends". Gergő has been playing ESP for well over 10 years, and his collection of instruments also includes an ESP Horizon NT-7B, ESP Viper, LTD MH-417B FM, and more. Keep up with Gergő and Omega Diatribe at their web site.

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