Classic Customs Ep. 1: Page Hamilton's ESP Horizon

It was 1989 when Page Hamilton, guitarist and vocalist for an up-and-coming alternative metal band called Helmet, visited a somewhat obscure guitar maker called ESP, when we were based in New York City on 48th Street. Purposefully going against the then-prevailing punk rock vibe, he chose a fuchsia-colored guitar with a Floyd and a pointy reverse headstock. Almost 30 years later, Page's ESP Horizon remains his #1 guitar, and like any instrument that's been put through its paces over a long time frame, Page's Horizon has plenty of stories.

"Classic Customs" is a video series where we get into the details of some of the most well-known and beloved instruments used by ESP's family of artists. More "Classic Customs" episodes coming soon!

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Kevin F.

I own the LTD PH600 and it has always been my favorite!!  The magenta color is rare and I always get comments on the unique color. I'm not a fan of the Floyd, but it never ever goes out of tune!  A 30th Anniversary Edition would be sweet!  


I have one of these and its amazing! All the same except mine doesn't have the reverse hs.(<-------  its in my profile thumbnail) I wish ESP could give me an actual production date on it but they never got back to me on either of my ESP's.

Andy B.

ESP, you seriously need to consider re-releasing these guitars.

Jackson J.

Please release another batch of PH600s .