From the back of my father's childhood home, you could see what seemed like a giant hill. To get there, you had to go through a dirt road, which seemed really long as well. I've always imagined what lied on the other side, while never having had the drive to really get there. One day, I just did. This inspired the concept of this song, called "Even Endless Has An End".

To shoot the video, I needed a guitar that provided contrast against the scenery. A student of mine showed this guitar to me, and I had to use it. I was always a fan of the M model (this one is a M-400), but until that point I never knew they had it in white (to my knowledge they only made them for a couple of years; this one is from 2008/9). Awesome guitar for the money, and it ended up looking really cool as well

Thanks for the opportunity to share my video, I hope you enjoy it

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