Batinsson: "Warm Up Playground"

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! We don't know a lot about community member Batinsson except that a) he has an LTD MW-Skull, one of the many LTD Signature Series guitars we've created with Michael Wilton of Queensrÿche, and b) his morning warm-up sounds pretty cool. Our warm-ups sadly sound more like a single badly-executed chromatic scale followed by a couple of crunchy barre chords. But Batinsson is putting in the extra effort here, so we're happy to feature him as this week's All Access spotlight

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thank you for featuring me in All Access spotlight. I´m really admired. I just want you to know that your LTD MW-Skull is best guitar I ever played in my life and I´m guitarist for 15 years and I played all kinds of guitar from every mainstream manufacturers (even those which cost 5000$ and above). This guitar has such a soul and I´m so happy to play it every day. This is only guitar which can handle soft clean parts and high gain rhythm sections. For past few months I was working on some material so now I want to share with you some of capabilites of this guitar. At the moment I`m looking for support from anyone from music industry and audience in order to finish our first album in this new project. My biggest wish is to stand on stage in front of lot of people and show them all the joys of playing guitar even in 2018 where guitar became underrated instrument.

Thank you ESP and LTD for doing your job with hearth and manufacturing instruments which make you wake up in the middle of the night just because you want to play as much as possible. I believe that in short period we will be able to provide a music video and some lessons with this amazing piece of wood.