ESP NOW: Inside the M/H/MH Series

Some of the very first guitars ESP ever made were called the Mirage and the Horizon. These guitars were designed to be everything that traditional guitars weren't, with souped-up body styling, high-end components, and everything else for serious guitarists who needed a no-compromise instrument that would never hold them back from their best performances. Today's M Series, H Series, MH Series, and related guitars still serve the same purpose. We have many models available, and each has its own set of advantages.

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How does the quality of the fret wire differ from the lower end models to higher end? Any difference?

Raff Sangiorgio



Michael S.

Great video. I've been nothing but impressed with the LTD's I've owned or currently own. If I had the money I would grab a USA ESP M-II in Satin Purple or Aquamarine Sunburst Satin in a second.