James L.

Little thought for next year concerning LTDs and E-IIs? It would definitely be great to have hardtail versions of the Arrow and SVs, as not everyone is super keen on the torment that the Floyd can bring.

Joe V.

Excellent! Wonder what the pricing is going to be on the USA "production series"? Guessing a step down from the true USA hand-built Custom Shop models......thanks for the sneak peek!

Mark I.

 I love the new  ESP Andromeda Arrow Custom Pro Shop Hollywood California USA Hand Made in Black or Camo Blue or White is Cool Too $7000-$10,000 on Sale maybe $3999 with a stock hard case?

Jared Sconiers

Heads new model is incredible!!!

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Awesome. Always nice to see the new guitars and to hear it straight from the source. Easy to follow when they know what they are taking about. Thanks ESP for giving the fans a look into what's coming next.