ESP USA Horizon-II Demo by Kumar Shome

Melbourne, Australia-based jazz/fusion player Kumar Shome takes the ESP USA Horizon-II for a spin, and the jaw-dropping results speak for themselves. Thanks to our Australian ESP distributor CMI for providing this video. The ESP USA Horizon-II is manufactured in the United States at our North Hollywood, CA shop in limited numbers. Available in multiple finishes and your choice of EMG 66/57 Brushed Steel active pickups or a Seymour Duncan SH-2/SH-16 passive pickup set (like the one Kumar is playing here), the ESP USA Horizon-II is a guitar with the detailed design, excellent sound, and great feel that serious professional players require.

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Lovely instrument. Is it as versatile as the Fender Strat? I play metal, hard rock, funk, jazz, folk and classical styles in a progressive rock band.

eduardo r.

what a fine instrument