B-1005SE Multi-Scale Demo by Kyle Konkiel (Vimic)

Vimic's bass player Kyle Konkiel was one of the musicians who provided input to ESP on the design of the LTD B-1005SE Multi-Scale bass. In this video, after a playthrough of a portion of Vimic's song "She Sees Everything", Kyle talks about the advantages of the B-1005 SE Multi-Scale, including (obviously) its 34"-37" scale construction, the combinations of swamp ash, rosewood, bubinga and wenge, and the killer Nordstrand pickups and active 3-band EQ that make this one of the best basses we offer.

What do you think  about the B-1005SE Multi-Scale? Let us know in the comments below.

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jean-luc  s.

(and the killer Nordstrand pickups) why in the video we can see a EMG pickup  ,I want one with EMG sound is awesome

Roberto D.

Hermoso bajo, gracias

Serg von M

bass sounds rather well,but where's a clean sound?

Serg von M

like it..but playing by pick is suck...