Check out more of my videos I have been using Rotosound guitar string since I can remember, I have always gravitated towards them and enjoy their tone. So after emailing Jason How and speaking to him about my passion for Rotosound Strings I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Rotosound Guitar Factory in Kent and given a tour round the factory and having John explain to me the string making process and history behind some of the most iconic strings made there to the modern day process using technology to help string become better and last longer. Big thanks to Jason, John and Coral for making me feel at home and giving me this awesome opportunity. how to determine which best for you as a guitarist/bassist. Apologies for the noise, but it is a factory and we managed to get some peace and quiet towards the end. for those wanting a good tip, John gives some advice about the difference between Nickel and Stainless steel and Hi, am Samer. A Blues/Rock oriented guitarist from the mystical orient living and working in England. I am the Lead Guitarist for Hard Rock/Metal band Beckon Lane Here you will find music product reviews, guitar related stuff, and a riff or lick or two. Am a coffee fiend, vegetarian, and film loving nut case. Click and interact on: Check out my band on