Check out more of my videos I found NoLogo picks a while back, contacted them and had a set sent out to me to try out. I took my time with these picks before I put my review out, tested them in various situations and put them through their paces. They are awesome picks. I was after something that is simple and straight forward and they that is exactly what they offer. A great replacement to the Dava Picks I was using and be using for almost 10 years. Sorry Dava! ;-P If you are looking for custom made picks, I suggest you try these one out. Great grip and add a lot of attack, these picks are a great new addition to my arsenal! For info on how to order and pricing click on this link: Hi, am Samer. A Blues/Rock oriented guitarist from the mystical orient living and working in England. I am the Lead Guitarist for Hard Rock/Metal band Beckon Lane Here you will find music product reviews, guitar related stuff, backing tracks and a riff or lick. Am a coffee fiend, vegetarian, film loving nut case. Click and interact on: Check out my band on Visit my website:

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