LTD PT-4 Bass Demo by Pancho Tomaselli

Going back and forth between his work with the iconic funk pioneers War and the pretty-much-unclassifiable rock trio of PHILM (along with fellow ESP player Gerry Nestler and drummer Dave Lombardo), Pancho Tomaselli needs a bass that can be as versatile as each gig requires. Watch as he walks you through the features and tones of his remarkable LTD Signature Series PT-4 bass.

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Adam  F.

This is hands down the best bass I’ve ever owned.  I’ve had everything from cheap washburns in my early years up to Music Man StingRays, and this takes the cake.  I have the earlier release of this model with Aguilar pick-ups (I don’t know wh ESP switched to Seymour Duncan).  The tone I can get, the quick playing neck, the beautiful finish, and the bridge are all perfect.  I’ve had this now for about 2 years, and I’ll keep it till I die.


I used to have and ESP LTD b-2005 30th anniversary bass.  I  absolutely loved that bass, but foolishly let it go.  I have spent the last 6 years trying to find a worthy replacement.  I have been through several Fenders, Ibanez, Schecters, and couldnt find anything to please my taste like that old LTD.  My choices kept increasing in price trying to find that perfect sound, and I eventually ended up with a MusicMan Stingray and a Sterling.  These two in particular were truly great sounding basses but each was lacking, if only I could have mashed the two into one bass.

When this LTD PT-4 came out and I watched your youtube demo, I knew I had to try one of these.  Now that I am a proud owner I have to say, this is the perfect bass.   The richness of the sound quality beats out even the MusicMan basses and comes in at nearly half the price.  This bass not only meets the unreasonably high standard set by my old LTD, It surpasses it.  

The LTD 30th anniversary bass was only matched by an LTD from the 40th anniversary lineup.  How fitting.  It was meant to be.

Thank you Pancho and ESP for dreaming this up.  There is nothing else like it out there.


P.S. on a side note.  props to the ESP folks for taking the time to set this thing up so perfectly out of the box. 

Hunter T.

I'm ready to have a child solely so I can sacrifice my first born for this bass.

That made me laugh so hard.... Thanks dude!!!!!